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G'Day, Slickers--An Aussie Cattle Drive

     My horse saw it before I did. Come By Me shifted her weight slightly and one of her ears swiveled. I followed her gaze to a heifer scurrying away from the herd, like a school kid sneaking off for a cigarette. Before I could react, the mare shot after the rebellious Hereford and planted herself in its path. The heifer stopped and glowered, its entire body language radiating “Go on — make me.” Come By Me came one step closer, but the cow held its ground. Another step — the mare’s eyes bored into those of the Hereford. Shifting its glance, the cow ambled back to the herd. 
     Shane Oldfield, the boss drover—Aussie for cowboy—smiled. “If the cattle get away, your horses know what to do. It’s in their blood. In the meantime, get to know your horse and experience the Outback — the real Australia.” Read more

Minneapolis StarTribune

In Portes du Soleil, hit slopes in two countries

​     ‘Where should we ski today, Switzerland or France?” I ask Peter, my husband.
     We don’t have a private jet at our disposal. In fact, we’re 75 miles from the nearest international airport, eating breakfast in a cobblestone mountain village where the “new” church — built in 1725 to replace the original 1436 chapel — has a steeple shaped like a crown and carved doors accent wooden chalets.
     The town is Champéry, Switzerland. Looming above us are the Alps. And the jaunty red tram that scales the vertical walls above our valley opens onto the Portes du Soleil, one of the largest ski areas in the world. Read more

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USA Today

​Pursuit of Pinot in the Russian River Valley

     Slipping in stealthily from the Pacific, ghosting through redwood groves, lowering into dales -- fog is what distinguishes the Russian River Valley, which lies 60 miles north of San Francisco.
     That chill maritime influence allows grapes to ripen slowly and develop the rich, complex flavors that earn world renown for Russian River Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Nonetheless but gloriously, summers can beam warm sunshine, with swimming, kayaking and rafting on the smooth-flowing river. Read more

Wine Enthusiast

California's Highway 1—The Wine-Lovers' Route

​​Past pounding surf, plunging cliffs and misty redwood groves, California’s Highway 1 winds along nearly 700 miles of the Pacific Coast. But grand views aside, it ranks among the world’s great wine routes, passing more than 20 of the state’s American Viticultural Areas (AVAs).
     This vino-centric guide to Highway 1 brings wine lovers along California’s Central Coast, journeying south from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. Read more

Wine Enthusiast

Hook, Wine, and Sinker—Healthy Salmon + Wine Pairings

     In their life cycle, salmon astound. Only the strong (and lucky) survive the passage from freshwater creek to endless ocean, followed by a headwater homecoming, there to spawn and die. No wonder salmon symbolize self-sacrifice and perseverance for Coast Salish tribes in the Pacific Northwest. 

     Of course, on the plate—whether poached, baked or grilled—salmon is the siren of the sea, its diamond-silver skin surrounding the enticing, silky pink flakes. Read more